Wendy Webb + Audible

When my grandmother was a girl, she spent her summers in Baraga, a village at the shore of Lake Superior. Her grandparents lived in a big white house on a hill, and her grandfather had a horse named Sweetie, who once walked into a bar to heed his master's whistle. Not all of her stories were as charming. The lake could be monstrous, swallowing young ice skaters and large frigates, the weather around it mercurial. And there were secrets in the dark woods that rimmed the tiny frontier town. I loved her stories and until I found Wendy Webb's novels, I thought that their air of mystery and fearwere beyond my grasp. 

So far I have listened to (read) three of Wendy Webb's novels on Audible and thoroughly enjoyed each one. They are deliciously spooky ghost stories but not so disturbing that you have to sleep with the lights on. They can be tender and nostalgic, too. Webb, who has been dubbed the Queen of Northern Gothic, an apt title, says that she likes to explore the border between the psychological and the paranormal. Her novels deliver. Xe Sands' performance is excellent in Daughters of the Lake and The Vanishing, as well. 

The Fate of Mercy Alban

Daughters the Lake

The Vanishing


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