Susan at Pages Turned mentioned the other day that she would be reading Daniel Deronda, and a number of other people have pledged to join. I'm diving in head first.

Any other takers out there for Daniel Deronda?

from the back of the Penguin Classic Edition:
"Daniel Deronda opens with one of the most memorable encounters in fiction: Gwendolen Harleth, alluring yet unsettling, is poised at the the roulette-table in Leubronn, observed by Daniel Deronda, a young man groomed in the finest tradition of the English upper classes, and now searching for his path in life.

While Gwendolen becomes trapped in an oppressive marriage, a series of dramatic encounters draws Deronda into ever deeper sympathy with Jewish aspirations to cultural and national identity. Remote as Gwendolyn's country-house world may seem to the world of Mirah, the lost daughter, and Mordecai, the visionary, George Eliot weaves these strands of her plot intimately together, daring the readers of Adam Bede and Middlemarch to open their eyes to areas of experience wholly new to the Victorian novel."


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