Happy Birthday to Me!

The Red Room Library has proven to be quite a little hobby for me, so Mr. Red Room Library, because he's the sweetest husband ever, has made The Red Room Library a very official pursuit indeed. He created this bookmark to be my business card, so when people ask what I do for fun, I can say that I am blogging in the most classiest of ways and hand them my super cool bookmark business card. Great great great!!!!


  1. And the beautiful girl looks just like the Red Room Librarian!!

  2. Congratulations and happy birthday. And I think your DH is a great mind reader.


  3. The book marks look great. Good job Mr. Librarian!

  4. Mr. Red Room Librarian is very thoughtful. And I'm in love with your new past time. I love hearing about new books, especially when I live in a country with *gasp* NO book stores. Well, none that carry fiction. None that carry any book that is not associated with an actual class. I have to stock up in the states!


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