Fruitful visit to a new bookstore

Today, I happened across the new location for The Atlanta Book Exchange, a used bookstore that used to be in the center of Virginia Highlands, but is now located farther south on NH next to JavaVino. When it closed in the Highlands, I was afraid this bling obsessed city had killed yet another independent bookstore, but it was not the case; they just moved. It's a labyrinth of bookshelves in an old house, and it's a very charming place to browse. They have everything cool, and the big box feel of Borders/BN is very far away. Plus, all the books are half price. Charles, the owner, was kind enough to chat with me about books and direct me towards some real gems. Now the biggest challenge will be to keep myself limited to once a fortnight visits!

Added to the Red Room Library:
Edgeworth - Castle Rackrent
John Updike - Hugging the Shore
Ross Lockbridge, Jr. - Raintree County
Fontane - Effi Briest
Llosa - The Perpetual Orgy


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