Reverte's The Club Dumas

The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez—Reverte is a mad dash through literature. Corso, the quiet, astute, and well-read rare book consultant, is the man you go to if you want to find a book that is rare and expensive. He comes across two manuscripts “The Anjou Wine”, a chapter from The Three Musketeers and The Book of Nine Doors, a demonic tract that, according to tradition, can lead you to the devil. As the plot carries Corso on two different, but at times similar, investigations of these two manuscripts, characters and events from The Three Musketeers crop up for excitement and drama. These are not the real characters, obviously, as Musketeers is fiction, but Corso, in the labyrinth of book sleuthing, finds the coincidence at times almost too much to bear. The explanation is realistic and simple enough, but the events position the reader to wonder how real fiction can be for the obsessed. The almost farcical treatment of Musketeers accents the dark, demonic search for the truth behind the The Book of the Nine Doors. The ending is wholly unexpected.


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