Upcoming Literary Events in Atlanta

John Lane - Monday, January 7, 7:15 PM, Decatur Library
In the tradition of Annie Dillard and Wendell Berry, naturalist/poet LANE (Chattooga, Waist Deep in Black Water) writes with reverence of the land and our place in it. In his beautifully written new book, Circling Home, Lane explores the place in Upstate South Carolina where he has married and settled and expects to live out his life. It is a lovely exploration of place and time showing us the beauty of the ordinary and the remarkable.

Henry Lodge & Chris CrowleyWednesday, Jan. 9 - Piedmont Hospital at 6:30 p.m.


The authors revamp their bestselling YOUNGER NEXT YEAR in two new books addressing health and aging concerns for both men and women. They claim it's possible to look and feel younger, and have more fun, flexibility, and lovemaking in your life. Exercise, good eating, friendships, and passion are the keys to wellness. This bright and lively series offers a practical new health paradigm for aging men and women.

Joanne HarrisWednesday, Jan. 9 - Little Shop of Stories and Barnes & Noble Alpharetta


In this epic adventure story for young readers, Joanne Harris, author of CHOCOLAT (the Oscar nominated film starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp), introduces Maddy Smith, the town witch. Maddy finds herself the object of ridicule and scorn in a world where magic and imagination are outlawed. She has a ruinmark, or runemark, on her hand, a sign of Chaos blood and magical powers. Maddy's runemark holds the key to great power, but she must learn how to wield this power from her only real friend, One-Eye, in order to prevent a devastating war.

Kate Jacobs - Thursday, January 10, 7:15 PM, Decatur Library

Jacobs' memorable debut novel, The Friday Night Knitting Club, is capturing the hearts of readers across America. It's the poignant and triumphant story of a single mother raising a biracial daughter who finds the support she desperately needs from a knitting club that meets regularly at her yarn shop. The author formerly worked for Redbook and Working Woman magazines.

Crescent Dragonwagon – Thursday, January 10 – Margaret Mitchell House
Crescent discovered an abundance of satisfying cornbreads, when she followed the cornbread trail from the Appalachians to the Rockies to the Green Mountains. Traveling to family reunions, potlucks, tortilleras, stone-grinding mills, and the National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee, she heard the stories, tasted the breads, and learned the secrets. This cookbook is an overflowing cornucopia of over 200 irresistible recipes for cornbreads, muffins, fritters, pancakes, and go-withs. Crescent also gives us the greens, the beans, the salads, stews, and soups that accompany cornbread to perfection. And she tells us the stories, too.

Carmen Deedy – Friday, January 11 - 7:15 PM, Decatur Library
Deedy, the award-winning Cuban-born author now one of Georgia's favorites, visits to talk about her delightful new book for younger readers, Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: A Cuban Folktale. It's a wise and witty story, and we guarantee you'll never look at a cockroach the same way again. Deedy's books include The Library Dragon and The Last Dance.

Rafe Esquith - Monday, January 14th - 6:00 Reception, 7:00 Author's Lecture
Admission: $10; Free to MMH Members – Margaret Mitchell House
Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire is a brilliant, inspiring road map that encourages parents and teachers to look beyond discipline and to bring passion, excellence, and joy back into education. Rafe Esquith has taught at Hobart Elementary in Los Angeles for 22 years. He is the only teacher to be awarded the president's National Medal of the Arts. His many other honors include the American Teacher Award, Parents magazine's As You Grow Award, Oprah Winfrey's Use Your Life Award™, and the Compassion in Action Award from the Dalai Lama.

Julie Cannon - Tuesday, January 15T, 7:15 PM, Decatur Library
Julie L. Cannon returns to read and discuss her new novel, The Romance Reader's Book Club, a tale of the South, secrets, and sin. In a drought stricken Georgia town, a teenage girl acquires a stack of forbidden romance novels, and forms a secret book club. When the cause of the drought is blamed on sin, the girls are faced with new emotions concerning their club and their place in the town.

Geraldine BrooksTuesday, January 15 – Margaret Mitchell House - 6:00 Reception, 7:00 Author's Lecture
Admission: $10; Free to MMH Members
The Pulitzer Prize winning author of MARCH weaves a compelling story based on an actual rare manuscript that survived centuries of exile and war. In 1996, Hanna Heath, an Australian rare-book expert, is offered the job of a lifetime: analysis and conservation of the famed Sarajevo Haggadah, which has been rescued from Serb shelling during the Bosnian war. Priceless and beautiful, the book is one of the earliest Jewish volumes ever to be illuminated with images. When Hanna discovers a series of tiny artifacts in its ancient binding—an insect wing fragment, wine stains, salt crystals, a white hair—she is unexpectedly plunged into the intrigues of fine art forgers and ultra-nationalist fanatics.

(Talk & Signing at the Margaret Mitchell House)

Kurt Andersen - Wednesday, January 16, 7:15 PM, Decatur Librar
Best-selling author Andersen (Turn of the Century), a co-founder of Spy magazine and former columnist for Time and The New Yorker, discusses his brilliant imagined, wildly entertaining new novel, Heyday. Set in the midst of the 19th century, it's about America's coming of age with a handful of memorable characters discovering the nature of freedom and true love. Andersen hosts the award-winning public radio program, Studio 360.


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