Which books?

Life is a whirlwind these days, which is better than the alternative: a new job, a new house, and now tons of boxes lying around my condo like shells waiting to be filled with all sorts of things I forgot I owned. The new house will have built-in bookshelves in one of the front rooms, so I'll finally have a proper library, rather than a makeshift shelf situation under my stairs and along the red walls of the office, the red room library. We won't have the shelves done for a while, so I have to pack up my books and wish them so long for a few months. But, we all know that a few have to stick around, just so I don't feel lonely, so which ones should they be? What will I feel like reading in a week, a month?

People come into my house and ask me if I've read all my books, and I say that at any time I've read 70%. The remaining 30% is the constant, ever changing, influx of volumes that I find in random places, people give to me, or I've bought at a book store. Add the library books to this bit, and I have quite a chunk of unread books around the place. I can't stand giving books away - I never know when I might want to read one again - so the process of packing is arduous. But the process of picking the remainders is worse. Which books out of the remaining 30% should go in a few deep canvas bags and be hand delivered to my new bedroom? Off to the shelves and the cardboard shells to figure it out.


  1. I envy you of the build-in bookshelves. Since I can't even recall when, my bookcases have run out of space. I try to squeeze in as many volumes as I can, without incurring damage on the books. But now I separate the "homeless books" in piles like the post office sort out their mails. I have a TBR pile, a vacation pile (books that I accumulate but won't read until I go on a trip), night-stand pile, and an influx of things I buy at the store.


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