Ken Jennings Trivia

Ken Jennings is coming to the Literary Center at the Margaret Mitchell House tonight, and it should be a lot of fun. I was on his site yesterday, and you can sign up for weekly trivia quizzes. They come to your email box every Tuesday. You get the answers the following Tuesday with the next quiz. You can even send in your answers to get prizes from Ken, which sounds great, but I don't think I"ll get anything. These questions are (mostly) super hard.

A few examples from this week:

Which seed gives Tahini its distinctive flavor? (I knew this one: sesame seeds...err..right?)

Good luck on this one: What unusual distinction is shared by these U.S. states, and no others? Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming? (As a hint, Bill had Massachusetts in his original list, but I now believe that it doesn't *quite* qualify.)
Hmmm...I put volcanoes...haha!

To sign up:


  1. It sounds like a double jeopardy question. Colorado has volcanoes?

  2. Oregon and Washington also have volcanoes, so that cannot be the correct answer.

  3. Does it have to do with suffrage or death penalty?


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