To Read, Write, or do both

'I didn't start writing until late high school and then I was just diddling. Mainly I loved to read and my writing was an outgrowth of that. I always individuate myself from other writers who say they would die if they couldn't write. For me, I'd die if I couldn't read.' - Junot Diaz

I had an interesting conversation over email with a friend the other day about a group of "reluctant readers," people who don't like to read. It was interesting because this group of people are all self-professed writers, yet they admit to disliking reading. We were both puzzled; how can you write well if you don't read well? In my opinion, you can't.


  1. Hi Sarah, I was visiting and love your blog, love your red room! This, to read, write, or do both is an interesting question. I am a writer by profession, but I love, love, love to read, and I think that helps me as a writer, except when it is distracting me from writing. On a cold, gray day, would you rather curl up with a good book or belly up to the computer (or notebook or legal pad or whatever) and do the writing??? It's always a difficult decision for me...I usually read!


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