Sunday Salon: The Book of Lost Things

The Sunday

I think the day David, from The Book of Lost Things, stood in his sunken garden and looked up to his house to see the Crooked Man mysteriously reading a book in David's bedroom was similar to today. It's gray outside and the wind has become human, weaving it's long, dexterous fingers through the leaves of the trees, playing music on my neighbor's wind chimes, and sighing deeply as it rolls heavily over the rooftops. It's the sort of day one could imagine seeing a ghost or something sinister. I'm sure Heathcliff looked for Cathy on days like this.

I'm reading this novel for book club and I was unsure about whether I would like it until David found Jonathon Tulvey's books in his new bedroom. David's mother just died and David, despite his intense, best efforts, was unable to save her. When his books start talking to him, he begins to feel that something very strange in deed is going on. His father has just remarried, to a simpering woman name Rose, and David hates her. They move to Rose's house, a large mansion that's been in Rose's family for generations, and the talking books and weird things really start to heat up. When David sees the Crooked Man in his upstairs room and learns of Jonathon Tulvey's fate, he has no idea that these whispering books and odd events are actually adding up to something quite dangerous, something that will eventually put him face to face with The Book of Lost Things.

I'm half way through now and this book is SO good. Wanted to post my first Sunday Salon, but now I'm diving right back in.


  1. Someone sent this to me as a gift, but I haven't cracked the cover yet. Glad to read your take on it.

  2. This book sounds like the perfect read for a windy, fall day!


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