Pulitzers Large and Small

So. Elizabeth Strout, among other luminaries, walked away with the highest literary prize in the U.S. yesterday at 3pm. Whenever prizes of this magnitude are announced, it's only natural that people would wonder about the literary giants that marched before. However, not all have retained giant status.

Abe Books does us a favor by listing the Top 10 Forgotten Pulitzers. I had only heard of one - Lamb in his Bosom, a little-known novel about life in the south that preceeded Margaret Mitchell's win a few years later with her powerhouse bestseller Gone With the Wind. Mitchell counted Lamb in his Bosom among her favorite books.

Find out about the rest.


  1. I really loved Lamb In His Bosom. Margaret Mitchell wouldn't steer you wrong.

  2. The only one I knew was "Advise and Consent". I loved that book and am sad that it has gone missing from the minds of readers. I think I still have it somewhere around here. (I am redoing one of my rooms that is home to three of my bookcases. It's been going on for months since I'm doing most of the work. I long for the day where I can find the book that is haunting me at the moment.) Oh, well. I hope you are well.


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