Random Jottings

- The Lost Symbol busted out of the gate with the most sales of any adult book in one day, according to Barnes and Noble. Amazon has also seen record sales.

- I finished Gaynor Arnold's Girl in a Blue Dress, which was very good. The ending was a bit anti-climactic, but the insights into Catherine Dickens' life were interesting. More on this later.

- I also finished reading and reviewing Robert Hicks' A Separate Country, which will hit bookstores September 23. This post-Civil War historical drama follows the redemption of Civil War general John Bell Hood. Folks who liked Widow of the South (though I thought it had much to be desired in the plot department) will definitely want to pick this one up. Country improves upon Widow in every single way. Clearly, Hicks will not have the second novel slump. More on this later, too.

- An article at The Guardian updates us on one of the coolest things ever.


  1. If only the website to said coolest thing ever didn't have the quite loud looping music...

  2. Where can we find your review of A Separate Country?


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