Books and Food

There are few things I enjoy more than books and food, though not always together. I really hate when I get crumbs in between the pages. My blogosphere wanderings brought me to a new blog Authors in the Kitchen that features chats with favorite authors about their favorite recipes, cooking habits, etc.

This got me to thinking about the cooking blogs that I read on a regular basis – some of them very well written – and I thought I’d share them with you.

101 Cookbooks – San Francisco cook samples recipes from her vast collection of cookbooks and creates recipes of her own. The photography is awesome.

Smitten Kitchen
– My kind of cooking. Low fat, low sugar, and dieting are foreign concepts in this kitchen where taste, joy, and good eats take precedence.

Orangette – Food blogger, turned food columnist for Bon Appetite, turned restaurant owner shares her love of food.

The Wednesday Chef
– I found this one recently and am pretty excited to see what happens when the author relocates to Berlin.

Lottie + Doof - A self-proclaimed Chicago food blog, they definitely have something for everyone.

Kitchenography - Wonderful recipes. Beautiful photos.

Tea and Cookies - Bay-area writer blogs about the intersection of food and life.


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