For the Readers who Have Everything...

I buy books for people every year. Who doesn’t want a book? There is something for everyone – even folks who ‘say’ they don’t like to read. Cookbooks, picture books from exotic places, fashion books: the options are endless. So, too, it would seem, are the options endless for book related items. Here are few cool things I found about the webosphere. Happy shopping.

It looks like cloth-covered copy of Moby Dick, but it isn't. It's actually a purse made to look like cloth-covered copy of Moby Dick. I want. Check out Olympia Le Tan's website for more options.


The Well-Dressed Reader has a variety of jewelry options for the ladies who want to advertise their book obsession. This pendant was my personal favorite.

Fine Books and Collections offers a Bibliophile's Shopping Guide that includes Shakespeare-themed coffee (Cafe Mam makes an Othello blend), a book lover's version of Trivial Pursuit, and a leather bound coffee table that looks like a stack of large books.


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