Ten Awful Truths About Book Publishing

So. I thought I'd continue the dreariness of yesterday with even more dreariness. (It's nasty outside, so we have sympathetic nature with us.) I've always thought it was better to face facts head on, and the book publishing situation is grim, but it's better to know, right? Reading this list makes one realize just how amazing books like The Help have actually done.

Scribd lists Ten Awful Truths About Book Publishing. If you still want to write a novel after reading these, then you're probably meant to.


  1. Publishing issue must be kept aside from Writing a novel....in this small but yet larger than life literary world, I love to see positiveness spreading rather than heartening topics taking over :( When i see more and more online stores like A1Books, eBay and amazon opening up, i feel a sense of advancement in this field. Publishing issue are resolvable i suppose ;)


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