Alex Reader, Kirkus, and Bookify

1. Alex Reader made a deal with Google to feature Google Books for download. I think this could be super cool, especially since Google will shortly have every book ever published (that it can find) in its catalog...or isn't that the plan? If the Alex Reader is allowed to access all that, I might eat curried book and buy myself an e-reader.

2. Kirkus isn't dead yet. According to PW Daily, Kirkus has announced that they are working on an arrangement with an acquiring company and that they will continue to publish - at least for January 2010. The next edition should hit stands late January, and they will see "how things go" for February. At this point, all publishing houses are encouraged to "begin sending galleys to the appropriate editors immediately."

3. A Guardian blog entry presents a wonderful idea to re-invigorate the book industry. This notion is so cool, I think someone needs to jump on it and make it happen. I'd do it, but I'm barely able to move my mouse around the mouse pad, let alone build a site. I'm better with pen and paper.


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