Bookin' it in 2010

Favorite books of 2009 and reading resolutions have filled the book blog world this week, and I was thinking about adding my extensive thoughts about these things to the maddening din and then decided that I really only have one resolution and don’t want to actually list out all the books I’ve read this year – which comes to a shameful 57 and 4 of them are the Twilight series. Yikes.

This year may not actually be any better on the number of books front – what with a new baby on the way – but there is one resolution I’d like to make and keep, which is to actually BLOG (imagine that) about ALL the books that I read. I often spend so much time trying to come up with something substantive to say that by the time I have determined my substantive thought, the drive to share it has flown the coop. Perhaps this resolution will also bring about a slightly higher frequency of blog posting, which I’m sure my loyal readers will appreciate.

With that, I sign off, but plan to return tomorrow – barring debut of baby – with a few thoughts about Elizabeth Kostova’s newest book, The Swan Thieves.


  1. There is nothing shameful about 57 books, Sarah! Imagine if everyone did as well?

  2. Red WOMB Library! Yay, baby and books!


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