Happy Bloomsday!

Gotta love the Irish and their literary spirit. Every June 16, the folks in Dublin celebrate Joyce's classic novel, Ulysses. The day includes dramatizations, readings, and, of course, pub crawls. There are other Bloomsday activities in other cities, but none compare to those held in Dublin.

The reason for June 16? Joyce chose this day for his novel because this was the day in 1904 that he took his first outing with his future wife. They took a walk to the village of Ringsend. The day's name comes from novel's main character, Leopold Bloom.

Never read Ulysses? Neither have I, actually, which I'm sort of embarrassed to admit. Fear not, friends, the Book Examiner has some ideas on how to fall in love with Joyce's challenging narrative, and for the overly mediated amongst us, you can catch the novel in graphic form on the Ipad - complete with nudity.


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