Book Haul

It's been a rough week, but, in even the gloomiest moments, books exist...and can be purchased or borrowed by me. A bit of time in my local bookstore and the nearest library branch brought in some gems:

Heard about this one a few months ago from BookBrowse and was surprised to see it in the bookshop. (I'm usually surprised to see good, literary novels in the bookshop since it seems that vampires, werewolves, and Fabio-inspired lovie-dovies grace far more bookshelf real estate than they should.)

When Iris discovers she's the executor of her Aunt Esme's will, an aunt she never knew she had, the reader is plunged into the depths of one family's dysfunction.

The first of Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales. I wanted to start with The Last of the Mohicans but thought that I should start at the beginning (since it's a wonderful place to start) and wasn't sure I could read the Leatherstocking Tales out of order...

Critics say that Goodman deserves to "wear the mantel of Jane Austen," so I felt compelled to have a read.

Just finished Bloodroot by Amy Greene, which was so good, I'm still trying to pick my chin up from the ground. Am now enjoying Finny by Justin Kramon, which pubs tomorrow. Will have more substantive thoughts on these novels very soon. Until then, dear readers, keep the pages turning.


  1. Thanks for your post. Please check back for my reviews of these books. My thoughts on "The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox" coming soon!


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