Oddities Amongst the Stacks

Today brings us a funny article about 10 of the strangest things to happen in a library. My favorites: an unfortunate slob who had to pay $360 in library fines, granted due to his own laziness, and the lady who dumped condiments in the bookdrop. Though, I shouldn't poke too much fun at the guy with the high fine, I think I'll be hit with one the next time I return my books...


  1. I've been better about the library fines since they now have online renewal and email reminders about books coming due. My husband used to joke that I should just pre-deposit money with the library since I would inevitably rack up fines! Hope yours isn't too bad.

  2. So true! I told myself that the fines weren't a problem because they were like a donation to the library, but then I learned that the fines go into the general county pool, which I thought was a bummer. The fines should go straight to the library, right? Unfortunately, though, this new discovery didn't help my return habits. I'm still late getting my books back.


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