Friday's Catch...on Thursday

Flavorpill presents a list of 10 Essential books from the last 25 years. What do you think?

Quidditch may become a NCAA sport. I love everything about this.

A list from Online Colleges suggests books that every college graduate needs to read. I was expecting Anna Karenina and Walden, so was surprised to find books about money management and Atlas Shrugged. Right on. College grads need to read those, too. I might also add The Millionaire Next Door.

And, because I may be another two weeks before I get back on here with my thoughts, here is a book you should go buy and read over the weekend. It has made me ponder the purpose and scope of the postmodern novel...just as I was beginning to give up on it all together. It's quirky, funny, and very smart. Check it out.

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