Ok, This Might Be It

When a dear friend, and fellow book-lover, bought an e-reader, I was surprised at my disinterest in her new device. I had suspected that my lack of desire for a Nook or Kindle was because I just wasn't around them. Sure getting books that quickly and that cheaply is cool, but what does it mean for the world of reading, my experience reading, and the future of books? As long as I kept myself away, I wouldn't be tempted. I was happy to find that when tested, I stuck to my guns. Even in the face of a bevy of reading riches in a slim hand-held device, I preferred the old print and paper.

Imagine my surprise this morning, when I actually found myself reaching for my debit card to purchase an e-book from Google E-Books. They just make it so easy. I'm reading a review of a book on my email, click to the article on GoodReads, and then click to Google E-books, where I can happily purchase the whole "volume" for $9.99. No shipment, no handling, no running to the bookstore or library, and no shelling out $100+ for a handheld device that I could either lose or break.

I can also continue to patronize my favorite Indie bookstores, as Google E-books has a way for Indie sellers to (finally) get in on the e-book revolution.

Ok, so I could buy a book now and start reading it on my computer. But what do I do if I want to put it on a shelf or loan it to someone? Perhaps though, I can just see what happens and stick my toe in with Lady's Slipper, a new historical fiction novel that caught my fancy and has gotten good feedback on Goodreads. It's only $9.99, and if I really like it I can always get it from the library or the bookstore...

Or I can wait for it from my library, save 10 bucks and enjoy it curled up on the couch with a cup of tea and the happy slip, crinkle of the pages as they turn under my fingers...

On second thought, I'm going to hold out a little longer. Now that I think about it, reading a novel on a screen just doesn't sound like that much fun, or that relaxing. Call me a luddite, but I'm going to spend a little longer on this side of the fence, happily turning pages rather than hitting buttons.


  1. I have fought against getting an e-reader but have finally given in and am getting a Kindle for Christmas. Its sitting in a cupboard somewhere all wrapped up. I've already downloaded some books thouggh, and am enjoying using Amazon's PC Kindle app to have a look at them. Nice post

  2. I stand by my Nook! I just purchased Room and The Finkler Question for my trip to FL and it only set me back $16.99. I love the feel and, most of all, the smell of an actual book, but you can't beat the e-reader for convenience.

    It makes me happy to know you're still fighting the fight, though. I feel slightly less guilty for switching over to the dark side. Icecaps can melt and birds can fall out of the sky, but I think you getting an e-reader would more seriously suggest the coming apocalypse.

    Keep blogging, woman!


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